I'm a portrait and event serving Long Island. My images are clean and colorful in style. 

My Name is Siobhan

I grew up posing my stuffed animals for portraits in my bedroom. I used felt throws as backdrops, and propped a flashlight up behind an umbrella to ensure enough light was hitting my subjects. Playing "photographer" was one of my favorite pastimes. I didn't know that it would become my career, let alone my dream job.

Two years and almost one hundred bookings later, I'm so glad that I pursued photography, not only because I love taking photos, but because I love the stories behind each and every moment captured.



Caroline + Rob

Siobhan really took the time to get to know me personally so she really knows everything I like and dislike. She spends a lot of time brainstorming really cool and different ideas...even if I propose some crazy ones, she’s always willing to try and perfect them! 
I’m excited to use Siobhan for many years to come so she can capture all of my amazing milestones and continue my traditions with me. 

Siobhan is a genuine sweetheart & I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take my photos. She really goes above and beyond for her clients making sure they get EXACTLY what they want and more! I already know i’m going to ask her to be my photographer for anything I need in the future!

Maddy & Chris

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Ashley & Chris

Where can we shoot?

Most of my sessions take place at Avalon Park in Stony Brook or Frank Melville Memorial Park in Steauket, but I am always open to shooting in new locations! Some parks charge entrance fees for visitors. I ask that you research your location and be willing to cover any entrance fees for your party.

Will all of our images be edited?

Yes! All your images will be edited when they are delivered to you. Often times, I re-edit photos when I'm taking an editing course, and will send you my re-mastered files at no extra cost!

Will our images be posted online?

Only with your approval! If you would like your images to remain private, please be sure to let me know during our consultation.


All portraits sessions start at $100 and include high resolution digital images with printing rights.



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